Yes. CBD Oil is a non-addictive organic drug that been used for centuries. CBD Oil comes from the cannabis sativa plant. Technically, cannabis and marijuana is the same. What make CBD Oil legal extracted from the cannabis sativa plant is that it has less than 0.3% THC, which is the psychoactive ingredient that get one high, and is known as Hemp. The CBD Oil that is sold over the counter or internet is the one that contains cannabinoids agents as high is 99% which is known to assist with people’s pain management regime and is legal. Mostly, cannabinoids agents are CBD & CBDa. CBDa is the mother of the cannabinoids compound and when appplied making  it the strongest  CBD product. The cannabinoids is a chemical that interacts with a part of the nervous system called the endocannabinoid system. This is why CBD Oil works so well with helping with many ailments experiences because it is recognized inside our bodies intercepting pain signals to a certain degree. Meaning, the CBD Oil reduces pain and inflammation. However, CBD extracted from the cannabis plant that contains higher than 0.3% THC or more is considered illegal and is usually dispense in state certified medical facilities.  To date, CTFO CBD Oil has the CBDa patent making it one of the strongest CBD Oil known.


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I have been admitted to the emergency for at least 4 times a months. My friends were Mr. Oxygen Tank, Ms. Steroids  & Company. Since, I started with 750mg and gradually bumped up to 10x pure. I have not have asthma in 10 months. I also suffered from back pain due to two bulging discs.  Since taking the CTFO CBD Oil, NO PAIN!  Now, I am a proud CTFO Distributor helping others with their pain.

Terry, J.

“My wife Precious and I have been using the CTFO 1500 mg oil drops and the sleep oil spray since 11-17-18, and it’s now 2/21/19. We have to admit, the oil works great. Because she’s taken chemo therapy, which causes her to have neuropathy nerve pain which causes her to take more drugs. Like up too 400 mg 4x a day pain meds. But since she’s been taking the CBD oil, she had to take less of it like down too 1 pill a day if that at times now…..and she has been taken totally off another drug by her Dr. all together since using the CBD.. Also if anyone knows about cancer and chemo, it really effects one sleeping habits. Before taking the CBD sleeping oil my wife wasn’t sleeping very much without taking a sleeping drug called Lorazepam. But since using the CBD sleeping spray, my wife get too sleep so much better, it works so much better, and also using less of the Dr. prescribed drug. Thank GOD… for CBD!!…. it works!… But it’s not a fix all, but it really helps over all.
Thank you”

CTFO Customer

I wanted to give a brief testimonial on how our CBD Hemp Oil helped me. Over the past several years, I was having several seizures a month as the result of 3 strokes., when the last Seizure (March2018) was so severe I coded in the Ambulance.

My joints were becoming very stiff and painful.

I spent most of the day at the VA Clinics yesterday. The best part of the whole day was the results of my blood work, everything is back in the normal range.

10 years ago my Triclycerides were off the scale, yes a heart attack resulted. 5 years ago it was down to 504. March 20, 2018 it was 324. Yesterday, April 19, 2019 it was down to 142!!!! My cholesterol was down to 124!

The only change in the last year was I started taking our CBD 500 MG 2x Day begining April 2018, Then in January changed over to our 10xPure 500MG.

I have not had a seizure since and I knew it was helping with my Joint Pain, however, I had no idea what it was doing in my Veins and Arteries.

So even if you may not feel anything working, CBD is working on something internally. There are still some hindering residuals from the strokes, however, I believe that the CBD is working on them also. So, Never stop taking CBD, as your body is trying to get back to Homeostasis.

Maurice B.

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